Keeping Your Daughter Fashionable and Still Looking Like a Girl

Little girls are a joy to dress. The clothing is bright and feminine. As your little daughter grows, however, you may see the fashions start to change. It becomes more and more difficult to make sure your daughter leaves the home dressed like the little girl she is.

Whether mainstream fashion or the media are to blame the end result is the same - potentially inappropriate attire on little girls. We're talking about crop tops, short skirts and suggestive or sassy images. Are there ways to help your daughter look fashionable and still look like a little girl.

You betcha!

Tips To Find Age Appropriate, And Fashionable, Clothing For Little Girls

Embrace child friendly designers and stores. When shopping with your daughter, steer clear of the mainstream stores which tend to sell the big girl clothing. Smaller boutiques and stores which specialize in clothing specifically for little girls will have beautiful clothing for your daughter to choose from.

Give her options and let her choose. Children as young as two or three can choose their own clothing. It gives them power, cultivates their own sense of fashion and creativity, and helps create a bond between you " rather than a battle. Choose a couple of outfits you think shed like and give her the option to choose from those. This way youre still in control however she feels like she has a say in what she wears.

Help her find her style. Some little girls love to wear colorful frilly dresses while others prefer jeans and a t-shirt. Ask your young daughter what she likes to wear and why. Take her to a child friendly online store and ask her to show you the clothing she likes. Engaging in a discussion will help her and you learn her style personality.

It's the little things that count. Accessories can take a simple outfit and send it over the top. Many little girls love a necklace, headband or a fun pair of colorful tights. Adding those simple items to an outfit can really help your daughter feel fashionable. Additionally, if you choose the outfit and let her choose the accessories then you can both walk away happy.

Be a role model. You set an example for your daughter by the clothing you wear. Moms that wear suggestive clothing will find their daughters emulating them. Of course this doesn't mean you have to wear pink polka dots and a faux fur trimmed hat however children do take their cues from the adults in their life.

Release control. The easiest way to encourage your daughter to dress her age is to provide her with items you approve of and then let her decide. Of course there will be days when she emerges wearing the worst possible combination however assuming you've approved of all the items and are comfortable with what's in her closet then the bad fashion day is nothing more than a learning experience for her.

Boutiques and children's specialty stores can be a real benefit in the quest for keeping your daughter fashionable and still looking like a little girl. Many young girls develop a strong sense of fashion early on. Help guide them to making the right choices by providing options you approve of.


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